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Robard Corporation LogoRobard Corporation has over 35 years of experience developing products—that experience, and the quality that goes along with it are why we provide a varied selection of their foods. From snacks and treats—including high protein bars—to meals and beverages, Robard Corporation’s food products can help you enjoy a delicious and nutritious diet.

Free from aspartame and gelatin, Robard’s Butterscotch Pudding comes with 12 grams of protein per tasty serving—and it’s Kosher. We also carry Banana Pudding, if you prefer a fruit-flavored treat. If you’re looking for even more protein, check out our variety pack of protein bars, with 15 grams of protein per serving. They come in an array of flavors: fudge graham, cinnamon, peanut, dark chocolate s’mores, peppermint cocoa crunch, caramel cocoa, and chocolate almond. Robard's Fudge Graham bar might make a great after-work out snack, or it could replace a meal! Headed to the movies? Or craving a sweet or sour snack? Try Robard’s Chocolate and Lemon Chews, with 20 calories per serving!

When it’s mealtime, Robard Corporation has a mouth-watering selection of food products, from Cinnamon Crunch Cereal for breakfast, to pasta, to a variety of soups. With choices like Chicken Noodle Soup, Vegetarian Chili, and Minestrone Soup, you can enjoy several meals a week that offer nutrition and flavor.

When you’re thirsty, but you want something special, Robard Corporation is ready. We carry smoothies—Strawberry and Berry are both delicious and refreshing—and more. We have a Chocolate Shake for when you want to indulge, and Cappuccino for when you want to have a coffee-house experience at home—with 12 grams of protein per serving! You probably won’t find that at the local coffee house.

Whatever the time of day or evening, Robard Corporation foods can help you enjoy not only a variety of flavors, but delicious flavors in a variety of forms. Soups, puddings, high protein bars, and more all combine to provide a diverse selection.

If you have any questions about our line of Robard Corporation foods, please call us at (203) 269-8000


Robard Products


robvegchili.jpg robutterscotf.jpg robnachocheese.jpg robvariety.jpg robminestrone.jpg
Vegetarian Chili
Butterscotch Pudding
Robard Nacho
Cheese Pasta
Robard Variety
Pack Protein Bars
Minestrone Soup


roblemchocchews.jpg robfudgegraham.jpg roberrysmoothie.jpg robcreamychocpudd.jpg roberrysmoot.jpg
Robard Chocolate
and Lemon Chews
Robard Fudge
Graham Bar
Berry Smoothie
Chocolate Shake
Strawberry Smoothie


robcincrunchcer.jpg robchicknoodle.jpg robcapp.jpg robanana.jpg
Robard Cinnamon
Crunch Cereal
Chicken Noodle Soup
Banana Pudding